Reality Spoke

Reality spoke, and the sea winds roared

the tide rolled in from a distant shore,

the seagulls cry

the fish jump high

to hear the voice once more.


Reality spoke, and the breeze began

the trees told tales from a far off land,

the creatures wait

and anticipate

when they’ll hear the tales once more.


Reality spoke, and the fissures groaned

the earth gave up what was not her own,

“a faithful heart

a mended soul

mine forevermore.”


Reality spoke, and the storm clouds brewed

within the man in a well pressed suit,

reason reigned high

the storm passed by

and to the man it comes no more.


Then the Lord answered Job out of the strong wind and said, “Who is this that makes words of wisdom dark by speaking without much learning? Job 38:1-2

Please pray for those being affected by Hurricane Matthew and those of us in the process of preparing for the storm.

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