The Snake

On a cloudy day

a barefoot lad

lingered along

the blackberry path.

A snake in the brush

so still it lay

biding its time

till the boy passed.

Then that needle

with the poison thread,

lurched toward

the boy’s bare feet.

Oh, to have listened

to what his mother said,

“It doesn’t matter whether the shoe fits

wear it.”

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching – Proverbs 1:8


This Copperhead slithered between my husband and I as we came up the path to our house one evening. Through much coaxing, it went about its merry way across our front lawn and down the street to another house. The Low Country is full of creatures of prey…not a place for the faint of heart or for bare feet!

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