The Wayward Sun

A children’s picture book story


The day stretched beyond itself,

the sun lingering in the sky

Cried, “I won’t go down to Slumbertown

and tarry through the night.


I’ve decided to stay and send the moon away

to a place beneath the sea,

Where ebb and tide play seek and hide,

and fish sit down to tea.”


So the sun shone bright both day and night

and the leaves withered on the trees.

The rivers ran dry and nary’ an eye

lay down to go to sleep.


The children wailed, their parents paled,

they’d had all that they could take.

Still no one knew just what to do

except eat and stay awake.


Finally the son of a fisherman

looked up into the sky.

He breathed in deep and began to speak

to the sun and ask it why.


“Why do you insist on changing this

from the way it’s been created?

I’ve come to plead, please change your deed

or I fear we all are fated.”


With heavy heart the boy did part,

while the sun looked on with sorrow.

“I’ll mend my way and end this day,

at least until tomorrow.”


So the moon returned, and with it night

now everyone can sleep…

until dawn each day as the sun’s first rays

over the horizon peek.

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