Auld Lang Syne – Another Day

Auld Lang Syne wed

Come What May

And birthed a child

Named Another Day

Another Day

Went to bed

Dreamed her dreams

Of years ahead


Rainbows faded

Pots of gold

Filled with greed

Empty souls


Sunshine skies

And warm respites

Moved up north

To the pole to hide


Ice came south

And cooled the days,

Rivers, seas,

And ocean waves


Tides rolled in

Up past the shores

Encroached on land

Then underscored


Fracking, drilling

Clearcutting logs

Led to loss of

Habitat and smog


Smothered trees

Asthmatic youth


Alphabet soup




M, NO,

Led to P


Vaccine overload


Blood moon, famine

Red algae


Dream your dreams

Another Day

They come to pass

Said Come What May


Dream your dreams

Said dear old Dad

Times gone by

And Kindness had.


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