Questions of Love

The wood and windows

let in light and held warmth…you were there

I sat in your lap and you held me

You loved me…

The empty room contained all that you are

And you wanted me.


Your hounds-tooth coat matched my small hounds-tooth cap

Years later, it’s barely worn; no fraying at all

A small wool cap with velvet ties and edges

still all-most perfect…

Why aren’t I?

You made yourself known to me

In an empty room filled with light and warmth

Do you love me still?

I long for your light, your warmth, your love

If not for the cap, would I remember you at all?

Why did you want me then? and now?

Meeting in an upper room

Have I been there?

Will I ever be there?

Why do I remember the dream so well but not you?

After all these years

Are you there?

Do you still love me…really?

How I met God

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