She and I

She and I both felt the pain

Her a pretty face

Me a plain Jane

So down trodden we became

All who heard reached out to her

In their softest kindest voice

“Honey, don’t cry. Calm your fears.

Pass over their words that caused your tears,

They’ll be forgotten in coming years.”

Hugs and coddling they gave

To her.


To me

They said as they passed by

“Life is hard so you must try

To pull yourself up, now shake it off

Never give up cause life is tough.

No time to stop, we must go

Carry on, carry on, carrion

Go go.”


Then as they wandered on their way

The words they spoke came back to stay

“Oh, what a mean, spiteful, world,

To be so ugly to a pretty girl.”

I heard them say this

Yes, I did

Of her, not me

And I further slid


Into a darkened mindless waste

A stark and lonely

Kind of place

Where birds are crows

And no one goes

Except those


No repose.

No repose.

No repose.

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