When God is Silent

Trees’ open-armed shadows

Protect little

Yet none fall

Without consent

How does a Sparrow

build a proper nest?

When God is silent


Night breezes

Sing sorrowful songs

Stars hold up

Blackened sky

A mother kisses her son goodnight

Wondering what tomorrow brings

When God is silent


Grey clouds hang overbearing


Melts away into rivers

Endless azul

No blanca, no puffy pillows

To lay her head

When God is silent


The widow gathers her sticks

To dine and die

Eating Eucharist with Elijah

Widow and boy

Oil and flour

The last bread broken

When God is silent


We are worth more than many Sparrows

Fish mouths – silver coins

Water jugs – good wine

Empty jars,

Manna falls…

Water pours out a stricken rock

When God is silent


We saw the movie Silence this weekend. I found it quite thought provoking.

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy – a book about a German pastor placed in a similar dilemma during WWII – also thought provoking and occurred in recent history.

Both worth pondering …

6 thoughts on “When God is Silent

  1. God’s silence is inexplicable. I always find when I move from desert to presence I have somehow gathered nesting material. I find when I turn away from heat and pain, Jesus is standing with strong arms open to enfold me, clear water to drink, and loneliness seems to float away. Thank you for your willing vulnerability.

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