A Tale of Notions

Swirling along through the steady stream of Kindness, Authentic Notions decided to stop and rest upon the bank of Turmoil. She lay down on the soft sand and dipped her toes in the shallow edge of the stream. Soon Morning Sun dried off all the water from Kindness that she had on her and her toes ceased their interaction with the stream.

As the heat of Midday Sun began, Authentic Notions sought out Coolness and Comfort instead of returning to the stream of Kindness to be refreshed.  She moved toward the Masses of Moss under the dappled shade of Water Oak. Water Oak and Mass of Moss both drew their sustenance from the waters of Kindness she reasoned, thereby justifying a change in her devotion. After all, she told herself, it will only be once and just for a little while.

Sleepiness came to attend her. She fell into a deep slumber…a place where many go and never recover.  Authentic Notions came to the land of Positivity, where dreams and reality collide.  She had not been there long when she met the Princesses of Positivity. They were three sisters: Pretense, Pleasantry and Persuasion. The sisters ruled over all things fun and playful and positive.

After much comradery between the four girls, the sisters decided that Authentic was too old-fashioned of a name for such a fun-in-the-sun girl.  Silly, they said, fit her better.  And so, Authentic Notions became known as Silly Notions. With her new friends, new name, and new found popularity, Silly Notions lulled away days, months, years, and would have stayed in Positivity forevermore had she not heard one day the sound from Faraway Voices. They were chanting ever so faintly:

“Come back. Come back. To Kindness, Kindness, Kindness.”


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