Matrimonial Equation 1.21.17

Yesterday held the future

of now


Tomorrow reflects the promises

of today


Now accumulates the moments

of synchronicity when


Twenty-seven years ago

We plural

became first person

multiplied by two

of one.



Happy Anniversary Johnny shangrila

You inspire me

Your love and support

Make me feel special

and drive me CRAZY!!!

I love you to the moon and back –even if the moon is in the back lot of a Hollywood studio, Elvis is living in Michigan, and Helsinki products really do stop balding.

You’re the BEST!

One thought on “Matrimonial Equation 1.21.17

  1. Lovers of the Calculus

    from GA to FL to GA to SC
    to whatever state we may be in
    may God grace us with a memory
    of all the trials and tribulations
    we endured, endure, and will endure together
    of all the laughter and connections
    we shared, share, and will share together

    for you are my most intimate friend in this world
    we are the only ones who know each other well enough
    to know each other
    to have been and to be
    lovers of the calculus
    of you, and I, and us.

    What was promised twenty-seven years ago is unchanged.


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