Ya seen one Felis catus…

“Tortoiseshell cats are mean.”

“One black cat looks like another.”

“The only good cat is a dead one.”

“I’m (my daughter, husband, mother, son…is) allergic to cats.”

“Crazy cat ladies”

“Cats do fine on their own”

“We had a cat once. It was special…acted just like a dog.”

“They don’t have personalities. They’re all the same…Ya seen one Tabby, ya seen ‘em all.”

People get downright ugly when it comes to cats. Even little kids feel this way. I once tutored first graders and the horrible things they said about cats were shocking. I asked them if they have a cat, or if they have ever had a cat…the answer was no, of course not. We hate cats.

This obvious prejudice against cats is embraced, it seems, by the masses – the masses that have never had a cat or had one but held a prejudice against it – simply because it was a cat.

Dictionary.com defines prejudice as: unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious or national group…I vote to expand this definition to include scientific classifications, ex. Felis catus.

I mean really, how could someone not love these guys?
All of these were at animal control…some were adopted, some rescued, some died there.

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