When You Were a Child

Is there a way to change who you are from who you have become?

Can anyone really be different from the inside out?

Is it all pretense bundled in tightly held packages


Can those packages be unwrapped to

Discover reflections

You once knew

When you were a child?

10 thoughts on “When You Were a Child

    1. Did you read this as a literally “you”…in that case then “no” is good. I had not thought about the poem in that light…so goes writing. It is how the reader interprets it.
      So you understand my original reply to your thoughts – when writing this I had in mind more toward the “you” of which Jesus spoke…unless you become like little children you can not enter the Kingdom of God.
      I was pondering that concept.


  1. oh, I do so hope
    it is not no…
    but yes, yes, yes in staccato 🙂

    thanks for the read and comment. It’s nice to get feedback, opinions, thoughts, onions, tomatoes, and such things. I appreciate it. .
    Hey, I’m in the middle of reading A Passing Shower and it is wonderful! Thank you much for the recommendation. I tired The Catch-22 but it wasn’t that appealing. Perhaps I will try again.


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