A Good Morning

“How could he have done that?” the girl wearing the blue and green scarf sobbed.

“Jerk!” yelled the woman behind her shaking her fist at the empty lot across the street. “Don’t cry Honey…it’ll be okay,” she said as she squeezed the girl’s shoulder.

“Try it again Bud and see what happens to ya!” the man with the brown cap chimed in as he came up next to them. “I’m packin’ and I ain’t afraid to use it. You alright ma’m?,”  brown cap asked as he stepped up beside her.

“Never have I seen such…” remarked the older woman with the yellow brooch. “This used to be such a nice neighborhood.” She patted the girl on the back and brushed past her.

“It’s these kids today, ya know.” the older gentleman replied shaking his head back and forth.

“Yep, no respect,” added the gentleman’s caretaker bobbing her head up and down, “none at all.” The two made their way to the front of the curb and passed the girl just as the light changed.

One by one each stepped off the curb and headed on their way.  The girl with the blue and green scarf turned and walked to an alley between the buildings.  There she met up with another young girl. They emptied their pockets.

“It’s been a good morning,” blue and green scarf smiled, “I’ll buy breakfast.”

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