A Crumb of Heaven

what if

when the pearly gates

creak open

there’s no one

in the land or’ yonder

waiting for me.


what if

when I leave the world below

go to the land on high

walk on streets of gold

I’m all alone.


what if

when the Lord reads

my name from

the Book of Life

no one listens.


what if

the peace that passes understanding

passes me by

with tracks to follow

and I get lost.


Nothing…would have changed.


When a sheep is marred by life’s arrows

does the shepherd seek it out?


I hear there’s a room in the mansion

furnished with trinkets of love

and cups running over,

out the door

into puddles

along the river of life.


Wouldn’t it be special

if someone

left a crumb of heaven

behind on the table

so loneliness

can’t abide.

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