School Mornins’ With Sam

“Cents the sky ain’t fallin’ and the crek ain’t risin’ git up and git goin’. Ya won’t ‘mont to a hill of beans if ya don’t gitta move own. That’s all I gotta to say ’bout it.”

“Oh, mom, I’m only eight…and why are you talking like that?”

“Son, lessons learned when you are young will remain with you throughout your life. Listen to the wisdom of your elders and you will become wise among your peers.”

“Gee, dad, not you too? What’s going on around here?  I’m going to school. You guys are acting toooooo weird.”

Sam’s parents high-fived out in the hallway.

“Yes!” they whispered in triumph!

It was a short lived victory…


after all

was another

school day.

2 thoughts on “School Mornins’ With Sam

  1. That was a nicely captured in a few words. I remember a story I read by Isaac Asimov where the boy wouldn’t use the teleport machine for going to school. Perhaps Sam hates the bus ride for all one can know. We are hardwired to resist moves that dislodge us from comfort zones.

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  2. Good point Uma. Perhaps there are bullies on the bus or maybe he can’t get a window seat. Who knows what motivates or de-motives a young ‘un from going to school. I hated school most of the time…it could be so boring :0/


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