Little Sparrow

Little sparrow

fell from high

hit her head

and promptly died.

Momma bird

felt all alone

said, “Now this nest

is not a home.”

“We’re still here,”

brothers cried.

“We’re so sad

that sister died.”

“And I’m about,”

said Daddy bird.

But momma bird heard

not a word.

She tried to chirp.

She tried to sing.

She tried to do

most anything

to mend the place

within her heart

little sparrow left


she fell apart.



4 thoughts on “Little Sparrow

  1. Written for my neighbor whose 9 ya old daughter died in a car accident this past March. My neighbor was driving. They were hit by a drunk driver. Her stepson was also in the car but he wasn’t hurt. It is sad. She was just a little sparrow. Thanks for reading Uma.


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