Where as time gone?


“Well, wonders never cease…look et yew!
Yer as tall as yer momma.

I’ll be. Where as time gone?
Seems like only last week yew couldn’t reach the top of a bean stalk.
Did I ever tell yew bout the time I picked that mess a beans for Mamaw and then hid ’em in the shed?
Papa was goin’ to town and I wanted to go tew.
Them beans sat in that shed for near a week.
I finally membered ‘em. I shook ’em up a bit an took ’em in to Mamaw – actin’ as if I’d just picked ‘em fresh.
Inside them beans a community had begun homesteadin’ – all smushie and fuzzy.
Mamaw grabbed a handful and put ’em in her mouth. She started spittin’ and spewin’.
I ran right out and grabbed a hickory.
I knew what was a comin’. Couldn’t set right for a week.
Mm, mm, where as time gone?”

~A. Timms

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