Land of Glitch and Gloomy

In the land of Glitch and Gloomy

bad is good and

good is looney.

Monsters walk

with pinkies raised

wolves wear

woolen socks for days.

Goblins, a friendly

kind of spook,

dine with witches

on vegan brew.

Tales of old

that once told truth

lie stacked,


for today’s youth

to read

and wrestle with

in thought,

archaic words

no longer sought.

Parent guides say

thus and so, and


children go

into mind’s darkness

where can’t be found

diversity from

those around.

Status quo

what others say

and think,

the intellectual

pool of stink.

In the land of

Glitch and Gloomy

landscape’s greying

water’s looming

dulled, deceptive

thoughts abound

without the tales

of truth around.

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