Naughty and Nice

This week will have two Christmas themed posts from last year…one naughty, the other nice. Today is for the naughty – even though the U.S. election has come and gone, this applies to elections everywhere….after all, Santa travels the world!

Elect Claus…He Has a List! He Promises to Give You What You Want!

A vote for Claus is a vote for children everywhere!!!

A vote for Claus means no more ploys…only toys!

A vote for Claus means we can all live in a world of pretend and feel okay about ourselves.

A vote for Claus means no more wars, no more tears, and no more hunger….

[unless, of course, you’ve been REALLY bad, then out-of-date-nuts and rotten fruit will fill your hung stockings, while sticks, coal (though not for resale), and switches will be prettily packaged and placed under your tree…target tagged with your name. Please, use it for kindling to warm your cold, cold, heart]


Words flow freely from the mouth of those who have nothing to say about something. 
~A. Timms

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