Dancing Hearts

Susanna Leonard Hill’s

With Hopeful Heart! – The 3rd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!!!

Rules – Write a children’s story (for ages 12 or younger) using no more than 214 words with the theme being hope.

Dancing Hearts – 200 word count

A warm breeze blew in through the open window. The curtains danced with the morning light.

“Are you up, Hope?” mom called. I could hear the stifled anxiety in her voice.
“Yes, mom, I’ll be ready soon.”

Into the car we tumbled – Mom, me, and Deeter our Golden Retriever.
“It’s been a long time, huh mom?”
“Yes, love, it has.”
“Are you nervous?”
“A little…and you?”
“A little.”
Deeter chimed in with a lonely whine.

I couldn’t think of any words. Mom didn’t speak either. Lost in our own thoughts and memories, we inched toward the depot.

On the platform, we took our places with the other families. The townsfolk who had come out to join us stood behind the roping.  No words, only the cry of a baby or two and the gentle shushing from their moms. Deeter stood alert by my side.  I shifted from foot to foot. Mom gazed transfixed on the curve down the tracks.

A steady vibration of the platform began. It crescendoed quickly as the train rounded the curve. Rustling and shuffling and holding tight to those we loved, we waited in anticipation. The whistle blew. The band began to play.  Dad was home!

41 thoughts on “Dancing Hearts

  1. Lovely story, Vicki! I could feel how anxious and hopeful all three of them were – Hope, Mom, and Deeter. Such a big moment, looking forward to the return of someone you love and haven’t seen in a long time, and how perfect that it was in time for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for a poignant story and for joining in the contest fun!

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