Bookworm Betty – the BFF book club

This year, I’m (sort of) heading up a 4th grade book club.
The mentee I’ve worked with the last 3 years is pretty much in charge.
Three members, all girls, all in the same class, all love to read, each reading at a different level.

Yesterday, at our first official book club meeting, they named the club Best Friends Forever Book Club.
I had chosen Charlotte’s Web as our first read. Turns out they have all had it read to them (2nd and 3rd grade) or read it themselves…

ME:”We can read something else if you would like.”
GIRLS: “Oh, no! We love it!”
ONE GIRL:”Reading a book that you love & have read before, is like going back to visit your 2nd grade class when you’re in 4th grade. It feels good.”

These kids really are terrific!