Who Needs a Bowl Full of Cherries Anyway?

I was speaking with a neighbor recently who is about to turn 70 years old. She was saying that she now understands why seniors get grumpy. According to her, seniors no longer care what people think – about anything, I suppose. She felt that they have earned the right to…She never did finish the sentence.


The conversation got me to thinking about being grumpy. Coincidentally, I received a Christmas card from my Aunt this week that referenced her dad (my grandfather whom I never met) as a grump. Is the source of grumpiness genetic or environmental? Does it constantly strive to come out and we keep it in check until we just get tired of it all and let it rip?


If life is like a box of chocolates, what if all of them turn out to be cream filled or cherries? I can’t think of anything worse than a bowl full of chocolate covered cherries – disgustingly sweet. I suppose a bowl with just pits and stems might be worse.


And what about making lemonade when life gives you lemons? Well, you have to have is a pitcher, sugar, ice, cups, a strainer, stirring tool, and water. And if you aren’t fortunate enough to have these items, then you can’t really make lemonade. I suppose that means that you just suck it up and eat lemons.


As we all know, eating lemons ruins your teeth so you end up toothless. That can certainly make a grump out of you…that is unless you’re too embarrassed to speak…being toothless and all.


If you opt for the bowl of cherries, especially chocolate covered cherries, then your cholesterol is high, you’re possibly overweight, probably have diabetes, and can no longer walk well. That leaves you sitting around watching crappy TV programs that showcase “funny” grumps and their antics; all the while wondering what the heck is so wonderful about….anything.


So when choosing a food gift for someone, consider the implications of long term effects and choose accordingly. Fruitcake, Rumballs, Spiced Nuts, and Bonbons all offer potentially interesting futures. Why limit oneself to a bowl full of cherries?