Cometh TaNaught

Every day, Cometh TaNaught goes

traipsing thru the water sedge

growing along the river’s edge,

lining the path

which has forever led,

into the woods

to Nowhere.


It takes Cometh a day and a half

traveling down that rocky path,

daylight illuminating narrow shafts

cast from shadows

left by travelers’ past,

on their way

to Nowhere.


The landscape sameness intensifies

with every twisting turn of lee

and crook within a stand of trees

befuddled travelers lose their sense of direction.

Not Cometh, she knows well

the road

to Nowhere.


On every trip she will meet

folks with GPS and maps,

water bottles, gear, and snacks,

looking kind of sheepish sad,

unwittingly jolly or going mad,

lost on their journey

to Nowhere.


“Won’t you please show us the way?”

Cometh hears this every day,

“Just a path or perhaps a pass,

we’ve all grown weary—at last…

trying to decipher

the way

to Nowhere.”


“Of course,” Cometh always says,

“I know the way like the back of my head,

so if you get lost

no need to fret it

settling for less

means you won’t forget it (the way)

to Nowhere.


Follow me now, let’s all go,

not to Somewhere that you know,

Somewhere, you see,

holds no magic for me,

all my dreams

have led me

to Nowhere.


For in Nowhere

no one is naught, nothing is sought,

and never mind tempers

the thought,

of leaving

this place

called Nowhere.


All you who travel amiss

and wander through torrents and twists,

if you easily sojourn

adventurous yearns,

follow me,

I’ll take you

to Nowhere.”

Photo by permission: MorJers Art

The Tale of Two Bradfords

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