Galactic Junk and Catstronauts

One year ANNIVERSARY today!
This blog started one year ago. I will be re-posting some of my favorite stories and poems – from time to time – as some of you may not have read them when first posted.
The photo was taken on the set of one of my films in film school. Argus meets a martian and visits his space wok.

So here goes – posted Sept. 16, 2016
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Galactic Junk and Catstranauts

So I heard that outer space needs a clean-up. There’s too much junk floating around up there. Really big stuff too, like discarded rocket parts, old satellites, and abandoned space stations. Apparently all this space junk collides and causes it to fragmentate – a phenomenon known scientifically as the Kesseler Syndrome. Sounds to me like they just smack into each other and bust into a gazillion pieces.

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