Jiggles Are Not Welcome Here

For my niece who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor


A jiggle lives inside of me

It showed up the other day

Then stretched out its tentacles

And said it wants to play


I do not like this jiggle

Living inside my head

It does not have permission

So this is what I said:


“You nasty little jiggle

We two must have a talk

You make my head feel heavy

And I wobble when I walk


Some days I simply cannot see

Or hear the birds that sing

And when I eat it comes right back

No matter what they bring.


My muscles twitch

My arms go weak

My tongue will twist

When I speak

My nerves are shot

My anger’s hot

My mind will stop

When I’m asleep

Or when I’m not


My mom, my dad, my brother Jim

My sister Wilma Sue

Sit beside me in my bed but

Don’t know what to do


So jiggle you must go away

You are not welcome here

I cannot have you in my head

Causing all this fear.”


this word inspired two posts from me.

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle


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