The Lady from Polk

A limerick for a fellow animal advocate on her 44th birthday.

The State of Georgia, and many other US states, have outdated policies governing the welfare of animals under their jurisdiction.  The state Department of Agriculture implements policies that have been made in the state capital by elected officials.

Unfortunately, many policies being made, or outdated ones being upheld, don’t reflect the will of the people, but instead, are simply voted on according to the opinions/values of those elected to office. Did you know that many of the bills that come up on the floor for votes (in all levels of government) are NOT even READ by the officials before they cast their votes! That’s an absurd way to run anything…and especially a government, yet it is common practice.

Votes and voices heard from constituents will be the catalyst that brings about change in policy and practices.  Learn how government works and how it affects your specific topic of advocacy. Become educated in local politics, study those running for office, vote for the one who most closely aligns with your vision and your ethical standards – locally, statewide, and nationally.  You can, and do, make a difference….unless, of course, you get Trumped. Oh, my. I didn’t just say that.

On to the limerick:

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Ode to the Self-employed

Once upon a time long, long, ago there lived a young woman who depended upon clients to make ends meet. When business was good…life was fantastic and the world was her oyster.  When business fell off – due to downsizing, sluggish economies, and political upheavals – well, she began to write Odes and other nonsensical utterings…

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Grief of an Outsider

In the mind runs a chasm just this side of death                                                                         To go beyond would be to go too far

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Her Daily Bread

Her body crippled with arthritis.

Slender fingers no longer cylindrical, now Corkscrew willow branches – twisted and knotty.

Every day she struggles with formalities which once were effortless and unnoticed tasks – holding soap to wash; pulling on clothes to dress.

Out on the street, she places her disfigured hands upon the keyboard and presses down lightly.

First one key, than another, slowly her hands begin to move gracefully back and forth dancing across the ivories –eyes close and body moves ever so slightly with the sound.

The music engulfs and transports her inside it. And, for a time, there is no her, no keyboard, no street, no daily struggles…only presence within melodic sounds – music of the heavens.

She isn’t just creating.

The instrument isn’t just producing.

It just…is.

She plays for a time and a half time. Her arthritic hands move fluidly as they had before. The people listen and throw change into her jar supplying her daily bread.

To me, it is not simply the wonderment of the gift or the beauty of the music–in cities around the world street performers are some of the best –but it’s the gentleness of the touch and the strength of the spirit that imbues life once again. Natalie you inspire me!

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