Ode to the Self-employed

Once upon a time long, long, ago there lived a young woman who depended upon clients to make ends meet. When business was good…life was fantastic and the world was her oyster.  When business fell off – due to downsizing, sluggish economies, and political upheavals – well, she began to write Odes and other nonsensical utterings…

Time passes slowly

as I lie on my couch

and stare at the clock

The world sits dormant

on the bottom step of the staircase

I drift into the hum of the refrigerator

as the dogs bark – off in the distance

Deeper I sink into the pillows

positioned under my head

while upstairs

clothes pile up in the hamper

Ah! The phone rings…

not for me

The heater comes on to keep me warm

my eyes close in sleep

There I’m greeted

by visions

of growth…



between the tiles

on the bathroom floor


House in Akitsu : Kazunori Fujimoto | Stairs | Pinterest

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