A Slip of the Mind

A poem for all those whose memory isn’t what it used to be…like me 🙂

I lost six months today.

November a year ago

seemed like May.

Where could I put

a large slice of life?

In the refrigerator

or cabinet with the spice…

What has become

of my mind…oh my

I think, I think,

I’m gonna die!

But if I die

would I know it then?

Or would it be packed

in some Christmas tin

placed way back

on a cabinet shelf

hidden away

from my own self.

4 thoughts on “A Slip of the Mind

  1. I can relate to that feeling put forth so simply and yet so effectively. The conclusion is humourous even if terrifying. It would be terrible to linger around ones’s memories, unable to unravel any of it, even after the Oblivion.

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  2. And I had to come read your poem. Beautiful. I am a poet also. Your Slip of the Mind title tantalized me, and then the poem itself was so close to every human because we are all going to be there. With age comes a slip of the mind. Loved the ending. Thanks. I know I’m not alone.

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